Dobbs Ferry Youth Little League's mission is to provide quality, safe and fun T-ball, softball and baseball programs which develop ideals of honesty, confidence, teamwork, respect, sportsmanship and community.

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Training Manual - 12 week training program for baseball/softball


Training Videos (brought to you by Little League University)

Tips/Videos for all players (hitting, fielding, pitching, baserunning, throwing, catching)


Below are some useful training videos for the upcoming season. You can also visit Little League University for additional training videos. Athletes are at different levels. Go ahead and view videos from other divisions.


If any links are not working, please click to go directly to Little League U 




Sucessful Coaches

8 Tips for New Coaches

Coaches are Resonsible for Knowing the Rules

Hey Blue, Is that a Catch or Not?

Coaching Young Pitchers in Baseball

Coaching Young Pitchers in Softball

Hey Blue! The Pitcher Needs to Have the Ball? 




Base Running and Ground Balls - for all

Defensive Rotations - for coaches

Hit the Bucket - for coaches

Parents Guide to Tball - for parents



Softball Pony/Minors (6-10 year olds)

3 Point Fielding Drill - for all

Hand Position in the Swing - for all

Proper Grip of the bat - for all

Throwing a ball for younger athletes - for all



Softball Majors - 10-12 year olds)

Pitching - The Stance

Pitching - The Stride

Pitching - The Finish

Pitching - Common Mistakes

Hitting - The Approach

Hitting - Timing and Rhythm

Hitting - The Stride

Hitting - The Sacrifice Bunt

Hitting - The Long Tee

Throwing - Mechanics

Throwing - The Pickle Drill

Fielding - The Transfer

Fiedling - Foot/Glove



Baseball Minors

Fielding - Catching Popups and Fly Balls

Fielding - Ground Balls

Base Running - Be a Great Baserunner

Defense - Building Confidence

Hitting - Finish the Swing

Throwing - Finish the Throw

Throwing - Ball Leaving the Hand



Baseball Majors

Hitting - Hitting the Inside Pitch

Hitting - Multi Color Soft Toss

Pitching - Mechanics

Pitching - In and Out

Pitching - Arm Strength and Routine

Pitching - Drills - for parents

Throwing - Arm Path

Base Running - Coaching the Bases - for coaches and players

Defense - Outfield Ground Ball - Base Empty

Fielding - Over the Shoulder Catch


Nearby Training Facilities
300 Executive Blvd, Elmford, NY; 914-592-6613

Athletes Warehouse 

Primarily Softball Training

located at 220 Tomkins Ave, Pleasantville, NY






Hardball NY 

102 Fairview Park Drive, Elmford, NY