The Dobbs Ferry Youth Little Leage is an all volunteer youth league in Dobbs Ferry, New York that provides an organized and instructional baseball environment to children in the community. Over 300 boys and girls ages 5 through 15 play T-Ball through Seni

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  1. QUESTION: When will the season begin?
    ANSWER: Weather and field permitting, we hope to have the kids out there by early April.


  2. QUESTION: How do I find out if a game or practice is cancelled due to weather conditions?

ANSWER: In the event of rain, the league will notify each player via email of field closures. If during the weekday, if you do not hear from the league by 5pm then report to your field of play. Determination will be made at the field by the coaches. You can also visit the website

  1. QUESTION: When will I find out what team my son/daughter is on? 

ANSWER: Players and families will be contacted by their coach in March for the upcoming Spring Season.

  1. QUESTION: Can I request that my son/daughter play on the same team with another player?
    ANSWER: You can submit requests during the registration period for Tball and Pony Division only. While we will do our best, there is no guarantee that your request will be honored. NEW: For Minors division and above, no requests will be accepted. 
  1. QUESTION: How are teams determined and what about the Draft?
    ANSWER: With all leagues except for T-ball, the league and division coordinators do their best to divide the children evenly based on prior year evaluations. 
  1. QUESTION: How long does the season last?
    ANSWER: The season usually ends the second week of June. A Little League Tournament team (Minors and Majors) for baseball and softball will be selected. The tournament usuaslly begins 3rd week of June (visit Little League International to learn more)
  1. QUESTION: What equipment do I need to purchase?
    ANSWER: Bats: All levels except T-ball should have their own bat or can share. Bats must be little league approved.  At T-ball level, bats will be provided by DFYLL


DFYLL Baseball (all divisions) - All bats must conform to Little League Standards and bear the USA Baseball logo signifying that the bat meets the USABat standard. All BPF baseball 1.15 bats will be prohibited 

DFYLL Softball (all divisions) - All bats must conform to Little League Standards. Not more than 2 1/4" diameter and must be printed with a BPF (bat performance factor ) of 1.2

Additional information is available at

Other Equipment

Gloves: all divisions of play must bring their own glove

Helmet: all divisions of play must bring their own helmet with stamp "NOCSAE" on back

Uniform: All players required to purchase pants: Baseball - white plants; Softball: black pants. Shirts, socks will be provided

Cleats: Suggested for all divisions except T-ball (t-ball plays on turf field). NO METAL CLEATS

Athletic Cups: should be worn by all boys Pony Level and above

Recommended: chest wall protective devices (Evo shield, hart gard, etc) for pony level and above

Recommended: mouth guards

Recommended: face shields (girls Minors and Majors teams will be provided with a few fielding shields)

  1. QUESTION: How do I get involved in coaching a team?
    ANSWER: We ask that anyone interested to please notify the league ASAP if they wish to volunteer as a Coach. With enough coaches, we can make sure that each child will have an enjoyable experience. In the event of lack of coaches, we unfortunately have to increase the roster size of each team. You can also download these forms on-line and mail them to us.
  1. QUESTION: How are coaches and determined?
    ANSWER: The DFYLL Board of Directors will have a meeting to decide who will coach at each level.
  1. QUESTION: As a parent, what should or can I do to help?
    ANSWER: Please remember all Board members, coaches and others volunteer their time to help your children and league thrive.  Without coaching, we can all do more to help. Pick up trash; pratice with your child at home; communicate with your coach; arrive on time to practice and games; and most of all be Supportive of your child, teammates, coaches and umpires. 
  1. QUESTION: What does league age mean?
    ANSWER: See the Little Leage Age Determination Chart
  1. QUESTION: My child participates in other sports. How much time is required?
    ANSWER: As with all sports, the more you practice the better player your child becomes and the game becomes more enjoyable. A typical week will include either one game and one practice or 2 games. The days/times will vary, but typically one event will be on a weekday evening (from 6-8pm), and one event will be on a weekend during the day (sometime between 9am-7pm). T-Ball Division runs typically on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Pony boys typically are scheduled Monday, Wed, Friday, Saturday. All other divisions are determined as we get closer to the season


15. QUESTION: My child participates in other sports. How much time is required?

‚ÄčANSWER: Yes, full refunds are available if you cancel registration by Jan 31st. After this date, refunds will be allowed less a $35 admin/order fee